FMG Iron Bridge Project2021-06-10 Views:

Annual output:22 MILLION tons fine magnetite concentrate with an iron content of 67%. 1st Shipment since May 5, 2021. 21 shipments in total. Over 30,000 tons of cargo are handed over to us for tallying and packing. Nearly 12,000 ㎡ of heat shrinkable films are used for wrapping.Work hours are more than 30,000.
Ever since April 2021, many measures have been taken by packing team in Safety, Quality and Efficiency. We control every detail in construction. We are responsible for our work. We truly achieve safe construction. No matter how harsh the condition was, we work day and night to guarantee the target fulfillment. Even when there was sudden epidemic prevention. Nothing stopped us for achieving the goal.After 466 days, the project was completed successfully with the care of FMG and Wison as well as efforts of all the packers on July 30, 2022.