BESTBOX PACKERS ®  has always provided the finest in Industrial & Export Packing as well as the processing of mechanical equipment and raw materials. We are highly qualified and experienced in the handling, packaging and transport of any type of cargo. Our services extend beyond our facility and include relationships with the finest packing companies in China. We provide on-site export packing services locally and nationally. We may also carry out packaging in our own yard. As one of the few renowned companies in export packing industry,BESTBOX PACKERS has always been adhering to and sticking to packaging for the purpose of protecting cargo.This concept has never been compromised. We provide a series of services including Vendor Pick-up/Collection, Storage, Prefabricated Stocking Programs, Full Line of Protection and Preservation, Containerization, Material Receipts and Packing Lists, Customer documentation and Ocean Freight. After a thorough review of the weight and dimensions of each piece, our skilled professional export packers will construct boxes or skids built to the best industrial and commercial specifications before they load and secure your cargo. Our staff is highly motivated to provide you with the best possible packing services, quality, and economy in everything they do. They are well-trained in the use of various preservation techniques. While we are in business for gain, we always consider profit as secondary importance to a job well done. 

We attribut the success to
"a genuine desire to do a good job, and sincere interest in the customer's problem in a spirit of helpfulness”.