GCGV Olefins Facility Project2021-03-02 Views:

      As the world's pioneering and first modular olefin facility project,GCGV Olefins Facility Module Construction Project will become the world's largest ethylene production plant.Since the commencement of the projectin February 2019,PJOE,clients and subcontracting partners have overcome multiple difficulties,such as tight construction period,high construction standards,great difficulties,and the impact of epidemic situation.GCGV,CKJV,PJOE united as one,in the global fight against the pandemic,with the will not be afraid of hardships and the tenacious spirit,makes a remarkable achievement.All personnel have worked together to overcome difficulties.Modules of 11 shipments have been delivered on scheduleor even ahead of schedule with outstanding achievements in high-quality,safe and on-time delivery of the project.